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Hello Kitty Art Set

Hello kitty is back and this time she's a little bit more colorful than ever before! The art set contains fresh, current hello kitty designs in a dust-free carrying case. So make sure you bring your art skills to this fun and affordable set!

Hello Kitty Art Set Walmart

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Cheap Hello Kitty Art Set

This set of colorful pencils by kitty artists will make you smile every time you see it. The set includes 2 sets of white pencils with red kitty designs and 2 sets of black pencils with red kitty designs. This set is perfect for any creative project and will make you laugh, cry and even think about how happy kitty is when you see them. this set of three hello kitty prints is perfect for your kitty- ¥50. Item will be packed in a plastic bag. this set includes: -1 sanrio hello kitty clay molds -1 arts crafting tool -1 stick -1 set of clay molds -1 set of arts tool The new hello kitty art set case is a great way to keep your art set in good condition! The case is made of durable materials that will never let you how to use the set and is newly sealed to prevent damage. The set includes a case cover and two sets of art books.